L’Arche Brisbane

May 14, 2007

L'Arche logoL’Arche households are family homes and offer many opportunities for volunteers to participate in the life of the community.We love to find new ways to be connected to the wider community and welcome involvement from people who would like to participate in the lives of persons with an intellectual disability.

While sometimes volunteers prefer to be anonymous, others want to become more actively involved. Some of the ways volunteers can help include:

  • Providing Transport
  • Preparing a weekly meal
  • Undertaking minor house maintenance
  • Helping with a regular reading or letter writing session
  • Make a regular visit to a household

Providing Transport

The members of a L’Arche community take their part in the wider community both socially and in the workplace.

Sometimes it is not practical to use public transport between a home and the workplace or a social event. If you are willing to provide transport either on a regular or adhoc basis this service would be a wonderful support to the community.

To explore this option, please contact any of the communities listed on the contacts page.

Being a Friend

Persons with disability in L’Arche often have a limited social network. Getting to know a community member by meeting over a cup or tea, going to a movie, going to game of football or inviting a member home for dinner, can be a rewarding experience.

As with any friendship, the important elements are regular contact, informality, faithfulness and a mutual interest.

If you are looking to make new friends, and want to explore this within L’Arche, please contact any of the L’Arche communities listed on the contacts page. 

 L’Arche relies on the generous gifts of involvement by many people. There are lots of options to ‘get involved’. See what might fit for you and your availability. Getting involved does not have to be a large commitment of time or money.


There are some options described here, and there are countless others you might think of. We’d love to hear from you!

L’Ache Brisbane

Postal Address

L’Arche Brisbane
PO Box 8362
Woolloongabba QLD 4102

Phone (07) 3217 3011
Email brisbane@larche.org.au
Board Chair Tony Robertson
Community Leader Michael Hutchinson
Office Administration Julie Mackay



April 27, 2007

Equal Encouters A free course to train tutors! Enrol now!!

Welcome to the Volunteer Refugee Tutoring and Community Support Program (VoRTCS) website!

Tutoring imageVoRTCS (“vortex”) is a non-profit, volunteer-run program and a Special Works of the St Vincent de Paul Society.  VoRTCS is based in South Brisbane, although it operates over a large area of South East Queensland including Brisbane, Logan, Ipswich and the Sunshine and Gold Coasts. 

VoRTCS aims to assist and encourage refugee families to take up the opportunities available to all Australians, whether they be educational, social or vocational.  A major part of the VoRTCS Program is the Refugee Tutoring program, which provides free in-home English language support.  VoRTCS also runs several other programs aimed at assisting refugee families to settle into life in Australia.

Thank you for your interest in the VoRTCS program – I hope you find the information you require on this website.  If you would like any further information, please don’t hesitate to contact us at info@refugeetutoring.org

PALMS Australia

April 26, 2007

PALMS logoPalms Australia is an independent Australian volunteer sending organisation with over 46 years experience in recruiting, preparing, sending and supporting volunteers for work overseas and in cross-cultural situations.

Palms responds to requests from international communities, predominantly in the Pacific, Asia and Africa by sending skilled Australian volunteers abroad as part of our skills exchange program. Exchanging skills ensures the benefits are long term and sustainable for the overseas community and the volunteer. Want to volunteer overseas?

Palms’ independence is also our strength, allowing us to focus on development as it should be done, from the ground-up, free from party-political agendas and with an understanding of the importance of relationship building and a respect for all cultures.

Palms Australia’s cross-cultural preparation is second-to-none and our specifically-tailored courses are now available to schools, businesses and other development, mission, government or volunteering agencies 

Palms Australia is interested in meeting Teachers, Doctors, Nurses and other professional, technical, and trades people willing to share their skills for 1 – 3 years in Asia,
Africa or the Pacific. 

 Contact: Brendan Joyce PH: (02) 9642 0558   FAX: (02) 9742 5607 EMAIL: brendan@palms.org.au

Annerley Community Bookshop

January 3, 2007

 Annerley Community bookshop imageThe Annerley Community Bookshop will need supporters to help staff the shop, stack books and assist with other tasks in the running of a small business.

If you can be available to help please call the bookshop on 38925050 and leave your details

Romero Centre

October 30, 2006

The Romero Centre is a community based organisation providing support and assistance to refugees, mostly from Afghanistan , Iran and Iraq .  We’re seeking volunteers to join a team of about 25 working at our new drop-in centre in Woolloongabba.  Ideally, we’d like people who can give at least half a day a week, during office hours.  Hospitality, administration, social and community work, newsletter writing/editing are some of the tasks we need help with.  If you’re interested or would like more information, call Dermot Dorgan on 3393-2500.

Opportunities for Volunteering

October 30, 2006

Use this page to  find and promote opportunities for volunteering. Use the comment box to send your requests.